Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fluorescent Tips

             Hmm, lately I've been wondering what my way-too-short nails would look good in, and I finally found what might be the beginning of a beauty revolution...fluorescent tips! Personally, I think this would actually look better on those lucky enough to have nice nails that aren't to long nor short (like one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Citrine), but who doesn't love the brights anyway? 

Um, do those bracelets make my hand look like a dwarf doll's or what? But anyway, the polish I used on the tips of my nails is my Sinful Colors Nail Art (polish) in shade Orange Alert topped with the same product in shade Rose in Your Nose. It's really simple to do  (just paint the tips of your nails with any polish that has a thin brush!) and looks awesome at parties. What do you think of this look? Do you think simple is better or do you like to pile it on?

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