Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini Haul: Dresses

                Hiddley ho ladies! Yesterday I got some new dresses, check em out:

 ^Also grabbed this trendy neon orange belt (love)
 I wore the gray-and-white striped one that day, so comfy and pretty ;)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Quickie Closet Tour

                  Hello lovies! I took some pix of my closet today, wanna see 'em? Guess this is kinda like a closet tour, I will do my makeup soon...
 On the left side of my closet, there are shelves where I keep my hairbands, special occasion shoes, and my scents.
 Some clothes...
 Millions of shoes...
 More outfits hanging in the corner with my sandals.
 Here are my scents and hairbands...
 Perfume box
 Most-reached-for scents (including Harujuku Lovers G! Smells soooo good!)
 And my newest body lotions.
Last but not least, my closet in a different room! A lot I know lol

Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Pics for Philosophy Cream Blush

             Hey, sorry I forgot to post a few shots in my last post, a review of my new Philosophy blush and it messes up my post if I put them in separately after the others in one post.

 ^The box
 Pan comparison with theBalm Hot Mama, don't look too similar but..
  Swatch comparison, hard to tell which is which! Philosophy is at the left, and theBalm at the right.

Philosophy Lit From Within Cream Blush Review and Swatches+ New Twitter!

               Hey loves, lil' update: I now have a Twitter! Plz follow, Tweet, etc. me @athenalovescows! I appreciate it, thx! Also, I have added some new Philosophy to my collection, and here is a little something I got:

Yep, probably my fave of the five things I grabbed-the Lit From Within cream blush. I picked up the shade Feel Warm All Over, a warm coral with subtle golden shimmer. It comes in black plastic packaging with a built-in mirror. The texture is nice and smooth without being too thick that it's unmanageable, it's actually pretty sheer and gives you a nice, warm glow. It's very similar to theBalm Hot Mama (another fave of mine), just in cream form and a little less orange/golden.
 Flipped open
 Close up, my camera/lighting turned it so orange!
 Swatched directly onto skin, then blended out.
Swatched on my cheek.

♥Thx for reading as always!♥

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Week in Pictures

^Can't say no to $3 Philosophy at Big Lots! ♥

^Yay! We got a Wii!

^Crazy bro put on my dad's jeans, had to hide face but messy hair-just too cute...

^Got these cute heart PJ's but um spilled on them :p

^Mmm, come smell the roses!

^Whole lotta jumping on tramp lol

^Rose petal shower, so cool!

^Did my hair a new way, like it?

Friday, May 18, 2012


               Hey guys, guess what? Today was the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!

Had so much fun! Here are some tidbits of my makeup and dress:

 Gold eyeshadow^
 theBalm Hot Mama as blush^
And finally, a touch of Benefit BeneTint on lips for a pinkish-rosy look.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


                Ok, this is very awkward.


                 I need to do something about that...

At least its not as bad as it has been lately. I hate making excuses (I literally only like things I am good at...yes call me conceited...) but I have some stuff to tell you about why I've been gone:

  • I had Field Day
  • I started working on my makeup and costume for my mythology performance
  • I had a sleepover with Nat
  • I ate three artichokes within the week
Yep, three artichokes in a week. Pretty impressive huh lol
Anyway, I also figured out that I am 4'1'' and weigh 52 pounds-I am very small and light.
But guess what?


Deep breaths...I dont like screaming even in blog..
Also, my birthday is in August so I am only asking for cash and nothing else. I am gonna blow 99% on Sephora stuff...even though a couple hundred wont get me too far really...ooh yeah, Mac too! I have never tried Mac (except for their powders, hand-me-down from mom in NC30) I know its crazy but I am so excited! I want Mac!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Project 10 Pan...Maybe?

               Sup dolls! I am thinking about maybe trying project 10 pan, but I am a buying addict so I am coming up with my own little version...

Here is my deal to myself: I cannot buy any shadows until I hit pan on the pearly golden-white shade of the (ol packaging) Avon eye shadow quad. Hit pan within a week, give into my temptation and buy something from Sephora as soon as possible. I cannot suffer a month without buying something lol.
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