Monday, May 28, 2012

Quickie Closet Tour

                  Hello lovies! I took some pix of my closet today, wanna see 'em? Guess this is kinda like a closet tour, I will do my makeup soon...
 On the left side of my closet, there are shelves where I keep my hairbands, special occasion shoes, and my scents.
 Some clothes...
 Millions of shoes...
 More outfits hanging in the corner with my sandals.
 Here are my scents and hairbands...
 Perfume box
 Most-reached-for scents (including Harujuku Lovers G! Smells soooo good!)
 And my newest body lotions.
Last but not least, my closet in a different room! A lot I know lol


  1. wow it's great that you have so many bright clothes!

  2. haha yeah :) although sometimes i wish i had more neutral/black clothes.


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