Friday, December 30, 2011

My "Irresistibles" Lineup: 6 Awesome Things I Could Never Pass Up

                 Hello! Here I am, sitting in my room, typing this post on my laptop. I've decided to make the subject of this post a few things I absolutely LOVE, and I wondered if you shared any of my interests. Here is a list and photo of them all arranged together:

       *SNUGGLE SOCKS: Ultra cozy, incredibly soft...pure bliss for my feet. Striped design on mine make them extra personalized.

     *BATH & BODY WORKS LIPLICIOUS: Tasty flavors, sheer color, and glossy shine is impossible to dislike in my book. The flavor shown is Mandarin Limelight.

     *YUMMY EARTH ORGANIC LOLLIPOPS: Not only are they on my list of top ten favorite foods, but they are really healthy for when you're trying to get a yummier nutrition fix.

     *COLBY CHEEZ-ITS: It's simple: cheesy, fresh, and delicious. TRY THEM!!!

    *LEGO STAR WARS THE PADAWAN MENACE: This new Lego movie is too funny. It's kinda short, but full of hilarity.

                                                                                            *AIR HEADS POPSICLES: The sweet-sour flavors are too yummy to forget, and although it sounds gross, they're chewable. No, really, yum.

Curling Irons: A Miracle in the Beauty Business

                   Hello again! In this post, I'd like to show a style I created with a curling iron* at hand. It takes about five to ten minutes and looks gorgeous yet it is fairly simple. Here it is modeled on me from behind:

    It was really easy; I just used the curling iron on equal sections of my hair, shook them into place, and got going! If you don't know how to use a curling iron, here are the basic steps:

        1. Group one medium-sized part of your hair together using a brush.

      2. After letting your curling iron heat up for about five minutes (plug into an outlet and switch on), clip it close to the end of that hair, keeping it plugged in.

     3. Roll the iron up the section, wrapping the hair around it as you go, until you have reached your head and have no more hair left to curl. Leave curling iron in place for a fifteen seconds, then unroll and repeat all steps on the rest of your hair.       

WARNING: After curling iron has been plugged in long enough, it will be very hot, so avoid touching it. 

          *The curling iron I used was a mini model by
 Remington, so results may not be exactly the same as shown. This kind has a clip, but there are some you just wrap your hair around. 

Here's a Fantastic New Year's Nail Look!


              Hey! Here is a photo of a great new year's nail idea a came up with:

 Simply paint your nails any color, then cover with a glitter top coat.  The nail polish base is Avon Nailwear Pro in shade Empower, and the sparkle top coat is Wet 'n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in shade Party of Five Glitters.

Really Awesome/Cute Photos from Me

                'Sup, peeps! I found some really great photos from my iPhone while just browsing, and these are definitely some of my favorites:  

 Oh,'s the notorious Little Darth! Hahahahahahah too funny! LOL! It's actually my bro in a Vader mask, but it's still incredibly funny.
This is one of Coo's crafts...nice going, bud. Someone get that into an art show! JK. :) It's Harry Potter made out of an old green balloon and a paper body. Haha

Gotta Post this AWESOME Pic Before the New Year!

              Hey there! I just thought that to close out 2011 with a bang, I might post a picture of someone's holiday lights. My family was taking a drive around another neighborhood to see all the incredible lights, and there are these two homes we call the "Super Houses". It's become a tradition to drive by them every year. Here's an amazing picture I took of one:

My fave part is either the GARGANTUAN stocking over the porch or the coyote peeking up from the bottom. Their lights are really pretty, but the house next to it is the real Super House. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Squirt, My Giant Stuffed Dog

               Hi! This post is about my huge stuffed dog, Squirt, which I named after my favorite soda. Here is a picture of him:

He is my favorite (and only) pet. 

Mythology: How Was the Trojan War Caused?

                           Hello! Here I am, sitting in front of my new laptop typing up this post, sucking on a mango lollipop and doing nothing other than that. Anyway, before I was a complete mythology expert, I wondered why the Trojan War happened. Well, now that I know, I'd like to share it with you. 

           It all began at a wedding, and every Olympian had been invited, except for one: Eris, goddess of discord. In rage that she had not been invited, she rolled a glimmering golden apple down the aisle with a note attached reading," For the most beautiful." Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena all claimed that the apple was for them, and their fight became a contest. Paris, prince of Troy, was to judge. Aphrodite bribed him to declare her the winner by promising him the perfect wife. Paris fell for it.

                      So Aphrodite made him irresistible to Helen, the beautiful wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta, and he kidnapped her late at night. When Menelaus found out, he sent hundreds of Greek warriors to get Helen back...and that's how the Trojan War began!

Travels of Odysseus: A Board Game I Made Myself

                 Hey there! Last month, I created a board game out of posterboard and named it "Travels of Odysseus" because the object of it is to pretend you're the Greek hero Odysseus coming home from the Trojan War and facing all sorts of dangers. You start at your home island and try to get back there before the other players-it's kind of like a mythological Candy Land. Here's a pic:

There's a different card for each island, and if you get stuck on one, you lose a turn. There are also color cards that move you along. For example, if you drew a red card, you would move your piece to the next red square. If you have any questions about this game, post them and I'll respond!

Coo's Lego News: A Cool Ninjago Item

              'Sup! Today, my little bro Coo finished the Ninjago Mountain Shrine set and was so excited to post it on my blog. I think it's kind of cool. Here it is so you can see for yourself:

I'm not exactly sure what it really is, but I think of anything Ninjago as totally awesome. It's just cool.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Instant Pedicure Perfection: A Five-Minute Foot Treatment You NEED to Try

                  Hi! Right now I am sitting in my room right before I go to sleep, typing up this post. A few minutes ago, I came up with a quick way to pamper my feet-a 5 minute pedi! This idea is perfect to try when you have someplace to be (other than bed, like me, of course!) but you're craving a little spa session. To get started, here's what you need:

-A pair of fuzzy, cuddly socks

-Foot spray or a spraybottle of ice cold water

- Rich foot lotion or body butter

- A pumice stone or foot file

        Start by spritzing your feet with the foot spray to really revive them, then follow by slathering lotion generously over your feet. After filing away rough heels and calluses with the pumice, slip on the fuzz socks and leave them on for whatever remaining time you have. Put them on again when you come back from your destination. If possible, keep them on while you sleep so you'll wake up to reveal incredibly soft feet!

This Makes an Amazing New Year's Look!!!

                Hey again! So, I've just been experimenting with makeup today, trying new stuff out on my mom and hanging around, when I discovered this great look. You may not be old or daring enough to wear yourself, since it is so bright and shimmery, but it is fun to play around with at home. If you are grown and adventurous to give this a try in public, I suggest you wear it to a wild, stay-up-till-midnight New Year's Eve party, where it will seem at least close to appropriate. Below are some photos I took to demonstrate, but beware: the lipstick looks red due to the lighting of the room, but is really a creamy fuchsia, as recommended. 

 Here are the basic steps to pulling off this look:


      -Dust a shimmery light blue shadow over the lids, continuing into the creases, corners, and browbone.

      -Glide an intense turquoise eye liner along the lash lines.
      -Apply deep blue mascara to the lashes.


    - Apply a bright fuchsia lipstick.

    - Top with a sparkling pink or red gloss.

             -Brush a slightly glittery powder all over.



Coo's Third Creation

                  Hello! Coo wanted to post another one of the sets he completed, which was something Endor from Star Wars, and here it is:

I know it's just some sort of tree, but the Ewoks are sooo cute and the speederbike is cool, too. One of the man-eating teddy bears has a bow, the other is equipped with a spear, and the bad guy has a gun. Even if he fires, he'll never shoot down those Ewoks!

You Will Not BELIEVE this Awesome Thing I Got for Christmas!!!!!

                Greetings! I just felt like creating a post, and what's a better subject than Christmas? One of my gifts was this supercool mini fountain thingy.

    It nestles right on my crowded nightside table it's so small, and the water that spouts from it pushes this little rock ball, which makes a really calming sound. It even has these nice tiny lights! Isn't it awesome...?


WOO-HOO...More Lego Creations from the Building Wizard!

               Hey! I just remembered that I have some photos of some cool Lego scenes Coo and I built last summer: a park and a house. Here they are:

This one is actually a playground and a park. As you can see, LEGO is "painted" in the grass. There's even a little mini garden, a slide and monkeybars. I like the girl sitting on the sidewalk with her radio, but my favorite part is that guy having a picnic. 
The house took longer to build than the park, probably because we added a patio and a garden (left). We thought it would be cool to use clear blue bricks for the windows, and we borrowed the door from what I think was a Lincoln Logs set. We made a little chair for the deck and a table and everything, just for fun and to add some unique detail.

A Little Beauty Tip-YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!

    Hey there-I'm back!

          This post's topic? Beauty! More specifically, a subtle yet glamorous party look.

 Since I'm too young to wear makeup in public all the time, I just wear a teeny bit when I go to celebrations and want to look nice.  Here is a great idea to jazz up a neutral base for special occasions:

                 -Start by blending just a little bit of pale pink blush up the apples of cheeks.
                 -Now pat the tiniest hint of silvery white glitter powder (or cream) on the eyelids.
                 -Last, apply a teeny dab of clear sparkle gloss on the center of each lip.

  Ta-da! Post a comment if you totally LOVE the way this looks!!!

From left to right: 
Pink shimmer cream from E.L.F Flawless Face kit,
White glitter cream from Simply Sweet Sparkle Eyeshadow kit,
Liplicious Tasty Lip Color by Bath & Body Works in flavor Sheer Limeade.              


Coo's Latest Creation

           Hi! Coo is so excited to post his first finished set on this blog, the Hoth Echo Base, so here it is:

He worked extraordinarily hard on it-in fact, he spent all afternonon on it! Congrats, Coo! If you look closely enough, you can see Luke in the medical tank, Han riding in on a Taun-Taun, Leia at the controls, Chewbacca ready for action, and the medical droid.

Coo's Lego News: First Post!!!

Welcome to my little brother's blog, Coo's Lego News! If you know someone who is a fan of Legos (or, if you are one yourself, for that matter!), then they-or you- will love his following posts!

Today, he recieved like, a HUNDRED Lego sets for Christmas and is building a bunch with our dad while he waits for our grandpa to come over and help. Right now they're working on the Hoth Echo Base from Star Wars, which he wants to describe in his next entry.                                     

VUBI: Very Useful Blog Info

          Hello again! This is my second post on this blog, and I'm going to fill it with everything you need to know about it.

       First, as you probably already know from reading my first post, this blog was named after my favorite Greek goddess of all time...ATHENA!!! Yeah! Anyway, it is based on a few different subjects: beauty, wildlife, randomly cool photos, Star Wars setups, and Greek mythology. Also, my little brother will have the privlige to create some posts having to do with his thousands of Lego creations. Here you will find makeup tips and ideas, amazing Greek mythology info, easy ways to aid nature, and inspirations for any Lego lover.

                 If you would like to visit this blog again, the Web address is and is open to any interested viewers. 

  Happy Holidays and thanks for looking!


A Kickoff Post: Getting to Know the Goddess of Wisdom (Athena)

      Hello! Welcome to my blog, Musings of Athena! It is based on a few different areas in my life: beauty, nature, mythology, and my little brother's Lego creations.  I named it for my favorite Greek goddess, Athena, who is the deity representing wisdom and the patron god of Athens. Since I am around 99% mythology, I know a ton about her and would like to share some of the basics with you.

           First of all, Athena had the weirdest birth-her father, the great god Zeus, was  worried that if his wife, Metis (a sea nymph), had a son, that son would overpower him. So he turned Metis into a fly and swallowed her! Yuck! Inside his skull, Metis had Athena, which caused Zeus to get a horrible headache. In unbearable pain, Zeus begged his son, Hephaestus, to crack open his head with an ax...and out popped Athena! Surprise! Of course, Zeus healed right away since he was immortal, and Athena became his favorite of over the at least 150 children he had! She was the only one he trusted with his thunderbolts.

              As the goddess of wisdom, Athena invented many arts and crafts, like weaving and pottery, and she also created the olive and the ship. She favored mortal heroes including Perseus and Odysseus, so she helped to guide them on their dangerous quests. She had no time for marrige or children, so she became a Vestal Virgin with Hestia and Artemis. That's all the basic info I can provide right now, but if you have any questions about this awesome goddess, be sure to post a comment and I'll respond!
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