Friday, December 30, 2011

My "Irresistibles" Lineup: 6 Awesome Things I Could Never Pass Up

                 Hello! Here I am, sitting in my room, typing this post on my laptop. I've decided to make the subject of this post a few things I absolutely LOVE, and I wondered if you shared any of my interests. Here is a list and photo of them all arranged together:

       *SNUGGLE SOCKS: Ultra cozy, incredibly soft...pure bliss for my feet. Striped design on mine make them extra personalized.

     *BATH & BODY WORKS LIPLICIOUS: Tasty flavors, sheer color, and glossy shine is impossible to dislike in my book. The flavor shown is Mandarin Limelight.

     *YUMMY EARTH ORGANIC LOLLIPOPS: Not only are they on my list of top ten favorite foods, but they are really healthy for when you're trying to get a yummier nutrition fix.

     *COLBY CHEEZ-ITS: It's simple: cheesy, fresh, and delicious. TRY THEM!!!

    *LEGO STAR WARS THE PADAWAN MENACE: This new Lego movie is too funny. It's kinda short, but full of hilarity.

                                                                                            *AIR HEADS POPSICLES: The sweet-sour flavors are too yummy to forget, and although it sounds gross, they're chewable. No, really, yum.


  1. I like the flavor of those liplicious glosses as well (but most of them are just too cheer for my liking). I have a coral one that's a tad more pigmented than the rest but I never remember to use it. Maybe I should dig that up again...

    P.S. If you don't see your comment show up immediately on my blog, that's because I set up comment moderation on post older than a certain time. So I get noticed when people comment on an older post. (It's easier than e-mail notification and I don't miss them in case people ask a question on an old post).

  2. @citrine-

    you should dig up your liplicious! i collect them, but I don't wear them a ton.

  3. @citrine-
    p.s.i have posted a bunch of comments on your blog-love it, love it, love it! You are such a great blogger! Thanks for all the swatches and reviews! your template is too cute.


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