Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Makes an Amazing New Year's Look!!!

                Hey again! So, I've just been experimenting with makeup today, trying new stuff out on my mom and hanging around, when I discovered this great look. You may not be old or daring enough to wear yourself, since it is so bright and shimmery, but it is fun to play around with at home. If you are grown and adventurous to give this a try in public, I suggest you wear it to a wild, stay-up-till-midnight New Year's Eve party, where it will seem at least close to appropriate. Below are some photos I took to demonstrate, but beware: the lipstick looks red due to the lighting of the room, but is really a creamy fuchsia, as recommended. 

 Here are the basic steps to pulling off this look:


      -Dust a shimmery light blue shadow over the lids, continuing into the creases, corners, and browbone.

      -Glide an intense turquoise eye liner along the lash lines.
      -Apply deep blue mascara to the lashes.


    - Apply a bright fuchsia lipstick.

    - Top with a sparkling pink or red gloss.

             -Brush a slightly glittery powder all over.



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