Friday, December 30, 2011

Curling Irons: A Miracle in the Beauty Business

                   Hello again! In this post, I'd like to show a style I created with a curling iron* at hand. It takes about five to ten minutes and looks gorgeous yet it is fairly simple. Here it is modeled on me from behind:

    It was really easy; I just used the curling iron on equal sections of my hair, shook them into place, and got going! If you don't know how to use a curling iron, here are the basic steps:

        1. Group one medium-sized part of your hair together using a brush.

      2. After letting your curling iron heat up for about five minutes (plug into an outlet and switch on), clip it close to the end of that hair, keeping it plugged in.

     3. Roll the iron up the section, wrapping the hair around it as you go, until you have reached your head and have no more hair left to curl. Leave curling iron in place for a fifteen seconds, then unroll and repeat all steps on the rest of your hair.       

WARNING: After curling iron has been plugged in long enough, it will be very hot, so avoid touching it. 

          *The curling iron I used was a mini model by
 Remington, so results may not be exactly the same as shown. This kind has a clip, but there are some you just wrap your hair around. 


  1. Thank you for the hair tips! I need to try this!


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