Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Spy Cam: Walgreens Your Next! (Pic Heavy)

              Hi! More spy cam...hope you like it! I have hit Walgreens to catch up on some new stuff, but it all looks kinda lame all in all...
 The gem of this post-Wet 'n Wild Flora and Fauna 4-piece collections! Wow, full-size items (may I mention that I love all of these formulas/product?) for $4.99? Deal!!! Actually, doesn't the model look like a Dulce Candy clone? Lol I am seeing things.
 Sally Hansen Compl...*yawns* what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Mani sets.
 Look-Dream Bouncy BRONZERS!!!!! Oh yeah, and some dune-printed powders. Since I don't bronze (it makes me look like the sun burnt my skin to a glittery golden piece of toast-that was an overly elaborate description comparison...) none of this stuff looks very interesting to me.
 More (huge) bronzer from it just me or the is the model sunburnt bad? That is not a good look...
 Oh yeah and the rest of the Maybelline bronzers. Excuse the mens grooming supplies underneath...
 SH Diamond Strength...the colors look pretty nice...
 Essie Sure Shot...I am not a pastel person really.
 $14 for a teeny bottle of nail polish (I usually scrub of my polish right away because I bite my nails...yes, really :p) ?!? No thank you!
 Essie Navigate Her.
 Oh boy...looks like another one's jumping on the crackle bandwagon...
 Although they do have the hugest shade range I have ever seen for crackle polishes.
 SC Castaway...and yet even MORE crackle!!!
 SC Color Block...not sure why half of it's gone cuz it just looks blah to me...
 Girls in Pearls from SC...called "the sheer shimmer collection" which I do not like the sound of.
 Essie Luxeffects.
 CG LashBlast Fusion min-display.
 Boring falsies...I learned a long time ago that drugstore lashes stink.
 Kiss NailDressed strips.
 CG What's Hot display featuring Sofia Vergara. 
 Boring FlipBlast lipsticks.
 SC Lip Shine. These would be kinda cool but I am scared off by the creepy model, boring cheap packaging, and...
 The boring, overly shimmery colors.
 SH Spring Salon Effects polish strips-which look like pure junk.
 Revlon Tres Chic-the color s   (there's only one shade) look really boring but her shadow is pretty..
 Group pic of the whole (not-so-new) Dream line from Maybelline.
Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara...their formula is terrible...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick Spy Cam at Target

              Greetings girls! I went to Target today and decided I was in the mood for some spy cam, so here you go! Unfortunately, I didn't get many pics because my iPhone was out of power and automatically shut down on me. However, I am borrowing some content from Citrine's Blog for my post in case any of you are interested in swatches!
 Jemma Kidd stuff- this little section is at the front of the beauty aisle so everyone can "admire" the junk. I really dont think its all that great but if you're interested, check out these swatches, courtesy of Citrine.
 Sonia Kahsuk (funny story, I have a friend who thought it was pronounced "Sonia Cashuck", lol). So boring...sorry no swatches. 
Last but not least, the most interesting line...Pixi! Here are some great swatches/spy cam from Citrine.

OOTD: You're More Beautiful When You're Happy!

              Hellooooooooooooooo lovely ladies! I have been doing great, and I want to do a superquick post showing you my outfit from today, and optimistic, bright-colored ensemble. Enjoy!
Orange shorts, dip dye tank that say Peace! Its what we all need!

Quick Glitz: 7 Followers Mani

              Hey beauties! If you all have read my last post, you know that I have 7 FOLLOWERS!!! and I am really excited. Everyone, if you follow me, please shoot me a comment telling me a simple design/icon that describes your blog or personality that could be done in nail art. I will have a special mani/pedi coming up for anyone who does! Thanks!

It's a seven followers mani! I created this look by painting my embarrassingly nubby nails SC Mint Apple, then making little sevens on each nail except for one of your choice with SC Nail Art Rose in Your Nose. One the blank nail, make to thick slashes to create a heart shape with the Nail Art polish. Wahlah!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~♥~ Thank You Loves! ~♥~ + My Trip to Sephora

              Hello gorgeous readers! I just want to summarize my happiness ☻ because I looked on my computer today and saw... 7 FOLLOWERS!!! I am being followed by Riya and Nic Nic! So Excited and I just want to say THANK YOU to all my lovely readers! I love your comments and try to respond soon as possible! 

Members (7)
Here they are, the awesome club! Love you guys (except for myself, see post I Am One Lucky Girl. You have been so supportive and just DA BEST lately! I just love it when I look at the homescreen and see all your lovely faces/icons! You guys ROCK!!!! Also, I am so sorry for the lack of post, I have just been really busy lately... BTW, I went to Sephora yesterday for my FIRST TIME!!! It was not as great as I imagined but it was still fun and I got two things from their Sephora collection. Let me tell you about it:

  When I walked in, I saw a beauty studio and hundreds of little displays for each high end brand. I waltzed around, swatching every tester I touched, admiring the uniqueness, and of course gaping (and not in a good way!) at the prices. There was a lip stain (YSL Glossy Stain in Rose Vinyl) that I was dying for thanks to Riya's post, but it was 32.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!! So of course, I ended up with my arms full of "wants" but only two buys :p. I will post about them soon! Adios loves!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

OOTD: Trench Girl + Perfect Red Lips!

             Yo girls! I am back with a supershort little post about my outfit today! Sorry I have been so slow posting lol...gotta work on that. Btw, I'm going to Sephora for my FIRST TIME EVER (!!!) next Monday and I am SOOOO excited! 

As you can see, my outfit was kind of an army-trench girl theme with a touch of sparkle in the shoes. I am the tough/girly type in between so this is perfect! 
DRESS: From She's Cool (Girls), at TJ-Maxx (belt was attached)
SANDALS: From Xhilaration, at Payless

Perfect red lips! I love how well it goes with my hair and fair/medium skintone!
Created using Jordana Cabernet lipliner as lip color and Bonne Dr. Pepper lip gloss as top coat.

Monday, March 12, 2012

What's Up with Ninjago: THE GREEN NINJA REVEALED!!!

               If you watch Ninjago like I do, you probably know that the big deal is becoming the Green Ninja and defeating the Serpentine. Google it if you don't cuz this is IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know who the green ninja is...
 Yes way! It is so Lloyd...proof cuz its on the lego wiki! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pinkstrawberrielove-Inspired NOTD!

       Hello beauties! I have just been followed by the lovely Riya, who has a cute blog called Pinkstrawberrielove. I thought that since I am being f-
ollowed by such an awesome person, I want to celebrate with a cute toe NOTD!

Ta-da! Like it? I did it on my mom's feet because my toes are gross (I run a lot in all sorts of places!) using 5 great polishes. To do this, paint each of your big toes shade Cream Pink from Sinful Colors and top with shade Pink 4 Ever, also from SC. Now dip a q-tip into a bottle of NYC's Big Apple Red and create a heart shape without the arching top, more like an appleseed. Use a toothpick and SC Innocent to create the leaves. With the other side of the toothpick, create 3-4 dots on the strawberry using SC Snow Me White. Now, going in a back-and-forth pattern, paint the smaller nails either Pink 4 Ever or Cream Pink. Walah! Also, if you follow me, shoot me a comment explaining a simple design that describes you and your blog so I can try to do a NOTD! Thanks Riya love!
 Strawberry closeup
 From left to right in artificial light: Snow Me White, Big Apple Red, Innocent, Cream Pink, Pink 4 Ever.
With flash.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Am One Lucky Girl...

              ...Because I snagged the Hard Candy First Flush mini makeup set! I am in a REALLY good mood right now :0) and I feel like I can do whateveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr as long as I try! Also, it's not just my new Hard Candy loot...I have 6 AWESOME followers...including the lovely Riya of Pinkstrawberrielove! Well, it's actually more like 5 cuz I am following myself so I can keep up with when I post to stay on track. But anyway, you guys rock and I am so lucky to have such supportive people like y'all reading my blog. Thanks a million! P.S. Prepare for some pic heaviness like mad...
Hard Candy can't really get anymore generous...their full-size products are HUGE and in this teeny little set, they provide you with four adorable yet innovative mini-sized bestsellers. The products featured in the First Flush collection are: Blush Crush in Living Doll, Glow All the Way, Plumping Serum in Uptown Girl, and Sheer Envy Primer. Coincidentally, I was eyeing all these things in the exact same shades, so why pay the full value when you can get them all together in compact? Tee hee...must be the sales snob in me. 
The cute set of (actually quite generous) sample-size goodies was packed neatly into an organized little cardboard box.
Closeup on the content label and the blush on top...
The back of the box describes all the products and gives their picture (except as the full size version).
Mini Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll. Actually, this just happened to be the shade I had been eyeing, so it worked out perfectly but...where's the gold veining and the warm fuchsia? This is a totally different shade than I expected. It is actually a slightly metallic cool pink. Compared to my other powder blushes, this one feels rough like steel and goes on alright, even though the blending is difficult if you don't want to look like a...Living Doll!
Compared to the image on the back of the box: WHAT THE HECK?!? This is NOT what came in the set, sorry!
I am not sure if the glue tore when I dropped the blush or if the pan is already removable, but either way, it is now.
Yes, it is my fave in mini-Glow All the Way Dollface Face and Body Luminizer! I have tried this on both face and body, and it works awesomely! The stuff is a creamy liquid sorta thing, like most illuminator thingies I have tried. It has the perfect amount of goddess-like shimmer and a pink tint like the packaging that blends into a lovely glow. I think I have just found my soul mate!
Squirting it out of the tube...
One-swipe swatch and blended swatch so you can see how it turns out...
It look so huge!
My fave-Sheer Envy Face Primer! This is great stuff, really, I am so blessed to have just a single mini tube of this. It has an unexplainable texture, creamy at first but melts to a powdery, light-as-air finish you can't even feel against your fingertips. It does a wonderful job of preventing fading, creasing, etc. and doubles as a lip and eye primer. And guess what the best part is? It actually makes my skin SMOOTHER in an instant, visually and texture-wise! AMAZING!!!!
Closeup on tube.
Squeezing it out...
The swatch really grasps the texture, only it melts into nothing and really isn't as thick as it looks.
Blended, you see nothing on the face except smooth skin, and it actually makes your foundation/concealer look more natural as well as set it!
Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Uptown Girl. This does a nice job of making my lips a tad plumper, adds a natural shine, and is a sheer pink color I love. The texture is okay, not my fave but I can deal with it. It has a subtle tingling sensation right after applied that lasts for about half and hour. 
The not-so-high-end applicator...I'm so used to using this kind that it almost gets on my nerves...
What the...the is nothing like this and the packaging is the opposite too...

So, like the microhaul-in-a-box? I will be reviewing more Hard Candy soon, more from their drugstore-ish line. Loving them lately! I really ♥ all of you, I am really grateful to have all you great readers! Speaking of having friends around, our friends recently moved and I really miss them. Their oldest boy (out of two) played on my bro's soccer team, and I babysat for their ADORABLE two-year-old daughter. I took some pics of her, but due to respecting their privacy I can't share :(. Best wishes to you guys in your new home, miss you all so much! Love you!

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