Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My First Urban Decay Toy: Surreal Skin 4-in-1 Powder Foundation in #2 Dream!

              I've always wanted to try something high-end, because *shushing* I don't own anything from a "fancy" brand until now. Unless you count a Stila lipstain, I'm outta luck. Oh well. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and feel my happiness about possessing a new high end product!

The Urban Decay box themes are so cool, aren't they? Just a love! Anyway, I am really into wearing mattifying makeup right now (well, for face at least) so I picked this up with high hopes that it would fit my requirements. And it did! The formula is soft and smooth, and it's the perfect shade for actually any fair (not pale)-skinned girl like me. If you have very rosy or slightly orange undertones, this might not work as well as it cooperates best with faint reddish-pink and neural undertones. It goes on nicely and stays there, with a silky matte finish that lasts just as long. The shade #2 Dream is a slightly tanned yellow nude-y beige. Thumbs up Urban Decay!
 The packaging-a sturdy silver flip-open compact.
 The back of the pack.
 The compact open to reveal the smooth-faced powder.
 The pretty, handy lavender circle sponge included in the goodie.
 Fine-line finger-stroke swatch-it is way less yellow than it looks.
Blended, with a little redness from scrubbing to remove so lip gloss I had swatched previously.

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