Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pinkstrawberrielove-Inspired NOTD!

       Hello beauties! I have just been followed by the lovely Riya, who has a cute blog called Pinkstrawberrielove. I thought that since I am being f-
ollowed by such an awesome person, I want to celebrate with a cute toe NOTD!

Ta-da! Like it? I did it on my mom's feet because my toes are gross (I run a lot in all sorts of places!) using 5 great polishes. To do this, paint each of your big toes shade Cream Pink from Sinful Colors and top with shade Pink 4 Ever, also from SC. Now dip a q-tip into a bottle of NYC's Big Apple Red and create a heart shape without the arching top, more like an appleseed. Use a toothpick and SC Innocent to create the leaves. With the other side of the toothpick, create 3-4 dots on the strawberry using SC Snow Me White. Now, going in a back-and-forth pattern, paint the smaller nails either Pink 4 Ever or Cream Pink. Walah! Also, if you follow me, shoot me a comment explaining a simple design that describes you and your blog so I can try to do a NOTD! Thanks Riya love!
 Strawberry closeup
 From left to right in artificial light: Snow Me White, Big Apple Red, Innocent, Cream Pink, Pink 4 Ever.
With flash.


  1. I love my "sweet" pedicure! Strawberry toes forever, as the Beatles would say!

  2. what a cute pedicure!! thanks for your comment :D

    1. awwww, thanx so much for YOUR comment and following me! ♥ u!


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