Monday, March 5, 2012

Bloggy Awards Tagging Time!

               Hi everyone! I have been really struggling to keep up with my posts lately because of my busy personal life :( . But anyway, I have been loving some blogs lately and want to give them some credit for their great work. So, what better way to do it than tagging them for a blog award?
The cute blog award! I have chosen to tag two lovelies and their wonderful blogs: Riya of Pinkstrawberrielove and Citrine of Citrine's Blog. I really ♥ all of your blogs and am really excited to be tagging you all! Just so you know, these are my own questions (I started this tagging fest) but I will answer them anyway.

  Okay, now onto the ten questions I must ask the winners.

1. What is your favorite lipstick color? Bubblegum pink or fuchsia.

2. If you could be in charge of any beauty brand, what would it be? I have no idea.

3. What product have you been wanting for the longest and still haven't gotten? Everything I don't have pretty much. 

4. Do you shop more high end or drugstore brands? Duh. Drugstore.

5. What color do you find totally unwearable anywhere on your face? Dark, vampy red.

6. What is your favorite collection so far from any beauty brand? Hmmm, I liked the variety of the Revlon LE Summer Romantics collection.

7. What is your favorite food? Whew, that's hard! I like a lot, but mainly junk and Asian.

8. What is your favorite hobby? Beauty blogging and makeup artistry.

9. Do you take pleasure in beauty blogging or find it a drag? Are you kidding me? I love beauty blogging!

10. If there could be a makeup collection based on you, what theme would it have? Something really unique,  with bright colors in mainly super sparkly and matte finishes.

Please post your answers on your blog or in a comment here. I can't wait to hear them, thank you all for providing me with a great read all the time! 


  1. Thanks (I will get it done...eventually. I am pretty slow at keeping schedule.) But you didn't even answer the questions yourself!

  2. Hi love,
    Thanks for all the comments and award! In regards to your question, you must go on your dashboard and click on the "design button" and then on the top it say template designer click on that, then click on advanced, that should show you how to change your font. Yes, I am also following you now and regarding the gift/swap you will have to contact the person through e-mail or blog to see in they're interested in sending the person products and you confirm your address with them. Hope that helps! =]


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