Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taking a (One Post) Break from Beauty Blogging: Who's Your Favorite Villain?

             I dunno about you, but I like them all! Of course, I do have a few favorites in mind...I wonder if any of us have something in common and like the same ones? The pictures are not mine, but adding image locations in really a pain in the neck for me here for the first pic location and here for the next one.. Thanks!

So, who is your favorite villain? I chose my top three faves for the options.  Submit your vote on who you like best in the comments, the winner will be announced April 2 (I don't want you guys thinking I'm trying to trick you by revealing it on April Fool's Day!). If you've never heard of these villains...oh, come on! Everyone knows Darth Vader! If you don't like/haven't heard of anyone here, feel free to say 'other' and tell who it is!

 (To the left) CHOICE #1: Lloyd Garmadon
Lloyd is a character in the Lego
Ninjago show (you have to watch it to
know him) and son of the Dark Lord, 
Garmadon. He is ADORABLE an I'm not
so sure if he's really a villain!

CHOICE #2: Darth Vader! Ya know, the evil-ish dude from Star Wars who is Luke's father?

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  1. Darth Vadar all the way! there is no more evil dude than that guy!


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