Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Spy Cam: Walgreens Your Next! (Pic Heavy)

              Hi! More spy cam...hope you like it! I have hit Walgreens to catch up on some new stuff, but it all looks kinda lame all in all...
 The gem of this post-Wet 'n Wild Flora and Fauna 4-piece collections! Wow, full-size items (may I mention that I love all of these formulas/product?) for $4.99? Deal!!! Actually, doesn't the model look like a Dulce Candy clone? Lol I am seeing things.
 Sally Hansen Compl...*yawns* what were we talking about again? Oh yeah, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Mani sets.
 Look-Dream Bouncy BRONZERS!!!!! Oh yeah, and some dune-printed powders. Since I don't bronze (it makes me look like the sun burnt my skin to a glittery golden piece of toast-that was an overly elaborate description comparison...) none of this stuff looks very interesting to me.
 More (huge) bronzer from it just me or the is the model sunburnt bad? That is not a good look...
 Oh yeah and the rest of the Maybelline bronzers. Excuse the mens grooming supplies underneath...
 SH Diamond Strength...the colors look pretty nice...
 Essie Sure Shot...I am not a pastel person really.
 $14 for a teeny bottle of nail polish (I usually scrub of my polish right away because I bite my nails...yes, really :p) ?!? No thank you!
 Essie Navigate Her.
 Oh boy...looks like another one's jumping on the crackle bandwagon...
 Although they do have the hugest shade range I have ever seen for crackle polishes.
 SC Castaway...and yet even MORE crackle!!!
 SC Color Block...not sure why half of it's gone cuz it just looks blah to me...
 Girls in Pearls from SC...called "the sheer shimmer collection" which I do not like the sound of.
 Essie Luxeffects.
 CG LashBlast Fusion min-display.
 Boring falsies...I learned a long time ago that drugstore lashes stink.
 Kiss NailDressed strips.
 CG What's Hot display featuring Sofia Vergara. 
 Boring FlipBlast lipsticks.
 SC Lip Shine. These would be kinda cool but I am scared off by the creepy model, boring cheap packaging, and...
 The boring, overly shimmery colors.
 SH Spring Salon Effects polish strips-which look like pure junk.
 Revlon Tres Chic-the color s   (there's only one shade) look really boring but her shadow is pretty..
 Group pic of the whole (not-so-new) Dream line from Maybelline.
Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara...their formula is terrible...

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