Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~♥~ Thank You Loves! ~♥~ + My Trip to Sephora

              Hello gorgeous readers! I just want to summarize my happiness ☻ because I looked on my computer today and saw... 7 FOLLOWERS!!! I am being followed by Riya and Nic Nic! So Excited and I just want to say THANK YOU to all my lovely readers! I love your comments and try to respond soon as possible! 

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Here they are, the awesome club! Love you guys (except for myself, see post I Am One Lucky Girl. You have been so supportive and just DA BEST lately! I just love it when I look at the homescreen and see all your lovely faces/icons! You guys ROCK!!!! Also, I am so sorry for the lack of post, I have just been really busy lately... BTW, I went to Sephora yesterday for my FIRST TIME!!! It was not as great as I imagined but it was still fun and I got two things from their Sephora collection. Let me tell you about it:

  When I walked in, I saw a beauty studio and hundreds of little displays for each high end brand. I waltzed around, swatching every tester I touched, admiring the uniqueness, and of course gaping (and not in a good way!) at the prices. There was a lip stain (YSL Glossy Stain in Rose Vinyl) that I was dying for thanks to Riya's post, but it was 32.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!! So of course, I ended up with my arms full of "wants" but only two buys :p. I will post about them soon! Adios loves!


  1. awwww this is a sweet post Athena! Keep your posts coming :D

  2. thank u Nic Nic! u r so sweet to leave me such nice comments!


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