Sunday, March 4, 2012

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Royal BLUE!!! (Pic Heavy)

              Yes, I am a weird-enough preteen to try a bright blue mascara. But hey, I'm daring, got it? Who else would buy a neon rose lipstick like I did and wear it outside the house (okay, I lied there) ? 

I love the juvenile-ish packaging Maybelline uses for their Great Lashies and Baby Lips, don't you? The bright colors on the tube are so eye-catching that you just have to grab one of the shelf before they're gone! I snatched it because I thought it was black, but as usual I was a dumbo and thought it was black LOL. But instead of returning it, I was curious about what a blue mascara would look like on my lashes so I kept it. I hated it. The stuff just clumps on the tips of my lashes, making the edges look like they're coated with little bits of blue mold! The formula is terribly sticky but doesn't smudge too easily if you don't overdo it. Bleh to you, Maybelline! 
 See how it gathers at the tip of the wand, just like it does on lashes?
 Chalky swatch.
 Another random pic for a fun, just-because touch.
 Lash swatch. See how it just clumps along the edges?
Closed eyes for a better view of what happens.

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