Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unforgettable Moments Haul!

              Hey loves! I have been like CRAZY behind on my posting lately (using the schedule gadget LOL) so I have been scavenging for stuff that I could review. So I broke out my backup beauty box, which only has a few hunks of junk in it that I rejected by a slice but kept just in case. And now, look at me, digging up this stuff that I realized is perfectly fine...

Basically, I took pics of my haul on two different days. The pics with the pink flower background were taken in artificial light but are surprisingly color-accurate for most, and the ones with the natural setting were taking another afternoon in natural light. Anyway, Unforgettable moments is one of those gimmicky-chic brands formed by Payless ShoeSource. For the kind of drugstore-sort distribution, the products are actually pretty impressive even though the packaging gets kind of old/redundant. Hope you enjoy, each product will be getting its own review under the pic. If you see leftovers of other makeup, please try to ignore them...the cream eye liners are super longwearing... <To the left is the first part of my haul.
 Eye Kit in Beachy Day. This palette is really convenient, since you can slip it right into your purse and get on the move! Although the rose packaging is quite dull, I am in love
with the under-the-sea themed shades. The cream liners are easy to apply, simply manipulated, and in gorgeous shades. The shadows include two matte and two shimmery shades, all of them being ultra lovely and super simple to apply as well as incredibly smooth and soft, silky to the touch. However, the included double-sided (one eyeshadow end, one cream liner end) applicator is not super usable, I prefer my own full-size tools.
 Swatches of eye kit (L to R)-grassy olive cream liner, navy cream liner, shimmery jade green shadow, matte navy shadow, matte stormy blackish-gray shadow, shimmery white (with a teensy trace of very pale jade) shadow.
Shimmer brush swatch (first pic, middle product in lineup)-this is a very nice product. It is a loose face powder in a container, dispensed by sliding down the wraparound glass guard and sweeping the brush over your face. The shimmer is not as obvious from a distance (luckily!) but there is a little glimmer from every angle. The texture is very nice, packaging is sturdy, overall great product! 

 The outside of the other Eye Kit in shade group Stormy Sky, which is kind of weird naming for the color selection but oh well! ^_^ 
 Open! This is identical in quality to the other one, so see first review. 
Swatches-light pool turquoise (a combination of shimmery and matte) shadow, matte-shimmery white shadow, navy-silver cream liner, deep blackened olive cream liner, matte blackened gray shadow, shimmery silver shadow.
 Lip Gloss swatch (see top pic, first product in lineup)-This has a combination smooth/sticky texture and rich, unexpectedly well-pigmented color payoff for a lip gloss. The shade I picked up (which I forgot the name of, sorry...) is a slightly shimmery, almost deep cherry red.  
 Outside of the Eye and Lip Palette in Classic Glamour.
 The palette open, displaying a mirror and six lovely colors with two applicators (I am missing the left one!)-with a bunch of waiting-to-be-reviewed goodies in background.
 Zoom in on the shadows-these have the same quality as the shadows in the two Eye Kits, scroll up to them to reread the review if you would like to.
 The lip colors-these have a cream formula that is slightly drying, excellent color payoff, and decent longevity. Pretty shades too!
Swatches-matte-shimmery white shadow, slightly shimmery silvery, metal-like gray shadow, matte blackened gray shadow (which is in every kit, seriously!), bold orangey-red lip color, slightly rosy medium-pigmented red lip color, deep rosy purple-red lip color.

Hope you enjoyed my haul and reviews, that's all for now loves! ♥

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