Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick Spy Cam at Target

              Greetings girls! I went to Target today and decided I was in the mood for some spy cam, so here you go! Unfortunately, I didn't get many pics because my iPhone was out of power and automatically shut down on me. However, I am borrowing some content from Citrine's Blog for my post in case any of you are interested in swatches!
 Jemma Kidd stuff- this little section is at the front of the beauty aisle so everyone can "admire" the junk. I really dont think its all that great but if you're interested, check out these swatches, courtesy of Citrine.
 Sonia Kahsuk (funny story, I have a friend who thought it was pronounced "Sonia Cashuck", lol). So boring...sorry no swatches. 
Last but not least, the most interesting line...Pixi! Here are some great swatches/spy cam from Citrine.


  1. are you suppose to pronounce Kashuk anyway? (that's the way I say it)...Thanks for the link, by the way (You don have to say borrow when everything in this post is your own) .

  2. ok, was wondering if its ok with u :) i think its pronounced "cash-oo" but i might be wrong-could be "cashuk" *shrugging*


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