Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Am One Lucky Girl...

              ...Because I snagged the Hard Candy First Flush mini makeup set! I am in a REALLY good mood right now :0) and I feel like I can do whateveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr as long as I try! Also, it's not just my new Hard Candy loot...I have 6 AWESOME followers...including the lovely Riya of Pinkstrawberrielove! Well, it's actually more like 5 cuz I am following myself so I can keep up with when I post to stay on track. But anyway, you guys rock and I am so lucky to have such supportive people like y'all reading my blog. Thanks a million! P.S. Prepare for some pic heaviness like mad...
Hard Candy can't really get anymore generous...their full-size products are HUGE and in this teeny little set, they provide you with four adorable yet innovative mini-sized bestsellers. The products featured in the First Flush collection are: Blush Crush in Living Doll, Glow All the Way, Plumping Serum in Uptown Girl, and Sheer Envy Primer. Coincidentally, I was eyeing all these things in the exact same shades, so why pay the full value when you can get them all together in compact? Tee hee...must be the sales snob in me. 
The cute set of (actually quite generous) sample-size goodies was packed neatly into an organized little cardboard box.
Closeup on the content label and the blush on top...
The back of the box describes all the products and gives their picture (except as the full size version).
Mini Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll. Actually, this just happened to be the shade I had been eyeing, so it worked out perfectly but...where's the gold veining and the warm fuchsia? This is a totally different shade than I expected. It is actually a slightly metallic cool pink. Compared to my other powder blushes, this one feels rough like steel and goes on alright, even though the blending is difficult if you don't want to look like a...Living Doll!
Compared to the image on the back of the box: WHAT THE HECK?!? This is NOT what came in the set, sorry!
I am not sure if the glue tore when I dropped the blush or if the pan is already removable, but either way, it is now.
Yes, it is my fave in mini-Glow All the Way Dollface Face and Body Luminizer! I have tried this on both face and body, and it works awesomely! The stuff is a creamy liquid sorta thing, like most illuminator thingies I have tried. It has the perfect amount of goddess-like shimmer and a pink tint like the packaging that blends into a lovely glow. I think I have just found my soul mate!
Squirting it out of the tube...
One-swipe swatch and blended swatch so you can see how it turns out...
It look so huge!
My fave-Sheer Envy Face Primer! This is great stuff, really, I am so blessed to have just a single mini tube of this. It has an unexplainable texture, creamy at first but melts to a powdery, light-as-air finish you can't even feel against your fingertips. It does a wonderful job of preventing fading, creasing, etc. and doubles as a lip and eye primer. And guess what the best part is? It actually makes my skin SMOOTHER in an instant, visually and texture-wise! AMAZING!!!!
Closeup on tube.
Squeezing it out...
The swatch really grasps the texture, only it melts into nothing and really isn't as thick as it looks.
Blended, you see nothing on the face except smooth skin, and it actually makes your foundation/concealer look more natural as well as set it!
Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Uptown Girl. This does a nice job of making my lips a tad plumper, adds a natural shine, and is a sheer pink color I love. The texture is okay, not my fave but I can deal with it. It has a subtle tingling sensation right after applied that lasts for about half and hour. 
The not-so-high-end applicator...I'm so used to using this kind that it almost gets on my nerves...
What the...the is nothing like this and the packaging is the opposite too...

So, like the microhaul-in-a-box? I will be reviewing more Hard Candy soon, more from their drugstore-ish line. Loving them lately! I really ♥ all of you, I am really grateful to have all you great readers! Speaking of having friends around, our friends recently moved and I really miss them. Their oldest boy (out of two) played on my bro's soccer team, and I babysat for their ADORABLE two-year-old daughter. I took some pics of her, but due to respecting their privacy I can't share :(. Best wishes to you guys in your new home, miss you all so much! Love you!

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