Sunday, December 25, 2011

Instant Pedicure Perfection: A Five-Minute Foot Treatment You NEED to Try

                  Hi! Right now I am sitting in my room right before I go to sleep, typing up this post. A few minutes ago, I came up with a quick way to pamper my feet-a 5 minute pedi! This idea is perfect to try when you have someplace to be (other than bed, like me, of course!) but you're craving a little spa session. To get started, here's what you need:

-A pair of fuzzy, cuddly socks

-Foot spray or a spraybottle of ice cold water

- Rich foot lotion or body butter

- A pumice stone or foot file

        Start by spritzing your feet with the foot spray to really revive them, then follow by slathering lotion generously over your feet. After filing away rough heels and calluses with the pumice, slip on the fuzz socks and leave them on for whatever remaining time you have. Put them on again when you come back from your destination. If possible, keep them on while you sleep so you'll wake up to reveal incredibly soft feet!

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