Sunday, December 25, 2011

WOO-HOO...More Lego Creations from the Building Wizard!

               Hey! I just remembered that I have some photos of some cool Lego scenes Coo and I built last summer: a park and a house. Here they are:

This one is actually a playground and a park. As you can see, LEGO is "painted" in the grass. There's even a little mini garden, a slide and monkeybars. I like the girl sitting on the sidewalk with her radio, but my favorite part is that guy having a picnic. 
The house took longer to build than the park, probably because we added a patio and a garden (left). We thought it would be cool to use clear blue bricks for the windows, and we borrowed the door from what I think was a Lincoln Logs set. We made a little chair for the deck and a table and everything, just for fun and to add some unique detail.

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