Sunday, February 26, 2012

Victoria's Secret Drenched in Pink Supersoft Body Lotion: Cool and Carefree

              Hi guys! I have not done a bath and body post in awhile, so here you go. Other than Bath and Body Works and Avon, most of my bath and body products are from VS. I hope you guys enjoy!

Although pink is a pretty girly color (but I like it on my lips/cheeks anyway), the packaging of these VS things make it seem more "adult" and funky. I love the designs and all that! But what's up with the dog? But forget it, I think this is a nice lotion, just not anything exciting. The texture is alright, it's creamy at first but then turns watery. The scent is lovely although it is very faint. I wouldn't say this is anything special.
 A nice, creamy blob of lotion...
Until it ran.

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