Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh no...It's the Notorious WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!

                 Hey guys! Yesterday, something very bad happened. *sniffles* I dropped my beloved iPhone 3, breaking the LCD and encountering...yep, you guessed it...the White Screen of Death!  I was really sad, but there is a perk! In just three weeks, I will have my very own (drumroll, please!) iPhone 4G! YAAHH, the iPhone lives! I can't wait! For that period of time before I receive my replacement, I will be using a Kodak EasyShare C315 camera to take my pics, since I took them with my phone before it broke. Here is a list of some new abilities and apps I will have with my iPhone 4G: 
*Games such as Dots Free, Ninjago something, Waterslide 2, Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, ect.
*Video-taking abilities and a way to edit photos
*The ability to change the home screen background
*A led light, Google Earth, a level, calculator, etc.
*All that other good stuff!

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  1. You'll have to try an app called Camera+. Its a great photo editing app, and Photoshop.

  2. That's a pretty good upgrade, I have heard that the camera of new iphone 4s has pretty good marco function and the detail is pretty good (even under artificial lights).


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