Wednesday, February 29, 2012


             SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!! Today, my dad took me to the Apple store, and I got my iPhone 4G! Yayayayayay! I am SO excited and happy! Yeah, yeah, yeah! I took some pix of my new phone, using my dad's 4S, and want to share them with you:

There it is! The lighting was artificial so it wasn't really color-accurate. The case is really a candy-like, neon pink shade that reminds me of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Candy Pink. It is kinda hard, kinda soft with a slightly jelly-transparent look. Here is a list of all the new apps:

* Games: Waterslide 2, Magic Piano, Dots Free, Ninjago something Hunt, Doodle Sprint, Stickly Jump, FS5 Hockey, Star Wars Falcon Gunner, GameCenter, TicTacFree, Classic Meteoroids, Hangman, Multiponk, Sudoku, and Lightsaber

*Utilities: music, clock, PhotoGene, improved camera, calender, changeable homescreen background, compass, level, LED light (it actually "streams" from the phone!), Google Earth, reminders, YouTube, notes, contacts, SoundHound, weather, Voice Memos,, and calculator.

 The back of the case-surprise! See-through pawprints (that reveal the silver phone)
 It's not just those apps...(note, the lighting was much darker there so it dulled the
case color)
 It's those apps...
P.S. Happy Leap Day!


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