Saturday, February 25, 2012

NYC City Duet 2 in 1 Lip Color in the Hot Pinks

             No, seriously, that's the shade name! The Hot Pinks! But forget it, I recently bought this lipstick because of all the hype going on about their coolness, uniqueness, etc. I was like, "Whoa, how often do you see a split-down-the-middle lipstick in TWO COLORS? I have to have this!". Well, let's see if it's worth it (although it was dirt-cheap, only $2.99 so I won't feel cheated if it doesn't work out...)

I have to say, this is some pretty sleek, square-prism packaging for a drugstore product. But I guess they were really trying to get you to see that it was divided into two colors, because they made a really intricate line down the middle of the lipstick and added an ugly "crack" on the top. When I first opened it, I noticed that there was no slant and was like, "How the heck am I gonna get this on?" Well, I guess you go up the side. Gross. The texture is okay, it applies nicely but wears off pretty fast. The fuchsia is mainly blue-based and shimmery, same with the light pink although I see more silvery white sheen. But for the price, I'm not this least bit upset that I had to give this a B.
 Cap off, look at how sharp the line separating the shades is!
 Swatches of both shades, sorry I forgot to do a blended swatch...(but am to lazy to retake)
I think the sticker label at the bottom is so cute, it's split just like the lipstick!

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