Monday, February 20, 2012

Yummy Treats for Valentine's Day!

             Hi! I know that this is crazy belated, but I think a good heart-inspired snack is great any day! On V-day, I enjoyed a fluffy cupcake and an amazing beverage to celebrate a great Valentine's day, and went to Qdoba for dinner. Yum! Here is what I ate at home, before Qdoba:

YUMMY! I had a chocolate cupcake and a grape juice with heart-shaped ice cubes also made out of grape juice. Mmm-mm-mm, was that good! I am going to include instructions for making both treats (well, decorating the cupcake and making the ice cubes) in this post, so enjoy! BTW, all these pics were taken on Valentine's. 
 TO MAKE THE CUPCAKE: Well, I don't know how to make the cupcake
itself, but what I DO know is how to decorate it. Top with frosting
in any shape you want, then add red and white sprinkles (I used jimmies) and a
candy heart. Simply delicious!
 A blurry from-the-top shot of my grape juice, notice the cute ice cubes! 
 How-to coming right up!
 TO MAKE THE ICE CUBES: Pour grape juice (or any other beverage
you like, at that!) into a mold with heart-shaped mini-molds to make
more than one. Freeze for about, say, eight hours for best results.
Ta-da! Add these to your drink (just make sure the tastes are a good blend!)
and enjoy!
The awesome space-age, touchscreen soda machine at Qdoba. Seriously, when you 
touch a soda icon, it comes up with a menu of flavors of it! 
You can mix up all different kinds!

I hope you all had a fantastic V-day (even though my wish is quite belated!)
and I love you all!

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