Friday, February 10, 2012

My Nails? Nah...It's Pink by Kiss Sweet Tarte Scented Sticker Nails!

            Hey! During my trip to Walgreens, I bought some press-on nails from the girlie version of Kiss called Pink. But anyway, a warning: if your nails don't already reach your fingertips, DON'T GET THIS!!!

Here they are! It looks like and innocent pack of preteen-appropriate sticker nails, but don't be fooled! However, they do smell quite tasty and strawberry-ish, and the tip design is very pretty. I would wear these every day if my nails were longer...because when these are labeled as "longer length", the Kiss people weren't kidding! See for yourself...
LOOK HOW LONG THOSE ARE!!! Seriously. Whoever made these had to have had RRREEEAAALLYYY long nails if they expected these to be alright! Plus, they are
white so you can see where my fingertips stop...
THAT'S how far they go off my fingertips. Craaaa-zzzzzyyy...
My regular nails WITHOUT the pressy ones. Whew, big difference!


  1. Hey there! I am looking for some really dark nail polish, like black or dark navy blue or dark scarlet red. Got any recommendations? Also looking for some that has glitter in it. Seems like glitter polish would be hard to put on (does all the glitter sink to the bottom of the jar?)Got any recommendations for that?

  2. there is a really nice navy polish from Avon called Empower, and Wet n' Wild Wild Shine nail color in Black Creme is a great black. I will be reviewing all my glitter Sinful Colors polishes soon, so look for that, but the shade Pearl Harbor makes a fantastic clear glitter top coat. This kind is more of a microglitter formula, but if you're looking for that chunky kind of glitter, it usually doesn't sink to the bottom with most drugstore formulas.


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