Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes!

          Hello! Yesterday I bought two things I had been dying for since forever...Maybelline  Dream Bouncy Blushes in shades Orchid Hush and Fresh Pink! I'm guessing these came out about a month ago, since the biggest display was missing about half the shades (if not more) when I arrived at my Walgreens. In fact, there were two displays of the product, one large and one hidden away beside a huge Sally Hansen nail polish shelf (har har har, trying to cache the good stuff, eh?) and only one held all the shades. Guess which one? Yep, the little one. But anyway, who cares? I got what I needed and let's leave it at that!

Just look at those beautiful containers! Ahhh, those fun fonts, those cute pots... This pic is the one that shows the shades as they are, since the lighting was perfect in that particular spot. Orchid Hush is a pale violet with faint fuchsia undertones that are practically invisible, this one seems to open more easily. Fresh Pink is a warm-toned fuchsia with not as much shimmer as Orchid Hush. Both of these come in sturdy containers and have a texture like no other. See, they feel creamy when you poke them lightly, but if you start digging your finger in and pushing it around it'll feel like it is inflated and you're shoving around the air inside. Although the colors are buildable, they are quite sheer and slip off after about an hour of wear. 
 Both blushes open. The lighting here was a bit brighter so they ended up looking almost neon although they're not...
Both shades swatched (Fresh Pink on the left, Orchid Hush on the right). See how sheer they are?

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