Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Blush in Pink

              As I have heard, the PF Happy Booster Blush range contained two shades, Rose and Warm, until they added the shade Pink. Drugstore cosmetic companies need to come up with better/less boring names for their products, don't they? Anyway, I bought Pink and am in LOVE...well, pretty much. WARNING: Prepare for some serious cam overload!

No, it's not weird photo editing, it's a side shot! As you can see, this adorable blusher is printed with 3-D, popup hearts in all different shades of pink. It is just plain CUTE!!! I love the colors, hearts (they remind me of mini balloons without strings, floating around and bouncing and shooting out everywhere!), and aphrodisiac aroma. The scent is really the icing on the cake. I love the smell of fresh-picked violets, who knew it would be even better in a blush! The blush is packed firmly into the container, which does not feel at all flimsy (except for when you're opening up the brush's home, then the whole top part flips back hard and clacks against the lid) and is a lovely metallic fuchsia. The stuff is fairly pigmented, slightly shimmery, with a smooth and cashmere-like texture. I love the little bitty brush, too! Did anyone notice the handy mirror underneath the palette? LOVE THIS!!!
 Shot from the front, in the shade this time so everything turns 
bluish even though the colors are more warm-toned.
 Closeup on the adorable little hearts (with the compact open)
 Me holding it a bit further from the camera, mostly in the sun
with a strip of shade running down the middle.
 The compact open to show the mirror an the brush hidden underneath.
So cute!
 Closeup on the half-moon brush, isn't it cute? (How many times have I said that word 'cute'...)
I love the metallic red bottom with the bristles split into two shades,
pink and red.
Some very unclear swatches of the singular hearts, I don't remember the order
but they're all fairly similar.
The compact flipped over to display the product name, shade, blahblahblah. For the price, 
this is a great product and this info on the bottom is really useful to
beauty bloggers like me who need to know all that for their posts to be right.

P.S. Guys, did any of you see that Ninjago episode (on Cartoon Network, the Lego show) 'Tick Tock'? ZANE IS A ROBOT!!! GGAAAAAAHHH, I am freaked! Wait, sorry Jay... I meant Nindroid. But still, that is just plain CREEPY! I am going to get nightmares because of you, Lego dudes! ZANE USED TO BE MY FAVORITE NINJA, but he is not a human (well, none of them are, they're actually minifigures!) so I am all FREAKED OUT about him! Lego guys, what are your PROBLEMS?!?! 
                          The reason he never had a sense of humor is because his "funny switch" was not on. He flicks it on in front of his friends (the other ninja: Kai, Cole, and Jay) and starts singing this weird song in weird voices along to a super weird dance. Only Jay laughs his head off, as usual. Here is a video I took of the scene playing on my TV, I did not create this but I did take the vid:
LOL, look at the expression Cole was frozen in at the end.

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