Sunday, February 12, 2012

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm in Clear Crystal

            Seriously, how cute can lip gloss get? Very...take a look at this! Wait, just so you know, I snagged this on clearance at my Walgreens, since it came out last year with the Summer Romantics collection. I don't think it's available in stores anymore (unless you're lucky like me and dig it out of the clearance bin!) but there's always eBay!  But anyway...

Here it is! Isn't that just adorable? Although it looks more pale turquoise in the pan, but like the two other shades of this product, it is completely clear. First of all, this has to be best-packaged Revlon product EVER. The top, which stores a tiny yet usable lip brush, flips open to reveal a crystal-like pan of light bluish-teal gloss sprinkled with faint silvery white glitter and a delicious watermelon scent. However, the balm itself is thick and a tad sticky, making it difficult to spread. Other than that, this balm is amazing! Oh, and I didn't swatch it because it is pure clear with glitter. The glitter is not gritty, since it is microglitter built in with the formula. 
 Look at that little pot of balmy goodness! If you can't see the sparkle,
click on the picture.
The brush and top of the container. How cute!

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