Monday, January 2, 2012

Nail Trends Today:Sinful Colors


                    Tonight I have decided to showcase my stash of 40 (!) Sinful Colors nail colors. If I want to paint my nails...Sinful Colors. They are my go-to polish brand. Anyway, here they all are. I didn't have time to swatch, so hopefully you can find them and see how they look for yourself. These have hardly any fumes so they don't make you gag at the odor, and the colors are wonderful. They are glossy, long-lasting, and easy to apply. 

 From left to right: ALL Sinful Colors nail colors in shades...Mint Apple, Nail Junkie, Beautiful Girl, Let's Talk, Bali Mist, Fusion Neon, Innocent, I Love You, Forget Now, Oasis
Row two:  UFO, Pinky Glitter, This Is It, Cloud 9, Let's Meet, Paris, Smokin' Hot, Courtney Orange, Glass Pink, San Francisco.
Row three:  HD Nails, Show Me The Way, Pink 4 Ever, Out of this World, Boom Boom, Pink Forever, Easy Going ,Thimbleberry, Hottie, Dream On 
Row four:   Shirley + Buddy, You Just Wait, Scandal, Cream Pink, Secret Admirer, Feeling Great, Jamboree, Bianca, Folly, Pearl Harbor.

As you can see, all my Sinful Colors put together make quite the collection.

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  1. these polishes are most commonly found at walgreens, just so you know.


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