Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gossip Star Bright Polish in Sparkle

              Okay, most of you are probably newbies to Gossip. It's a division of Smart Brands, along with Fab, and sells beauty stuff like nail polish and lip gloss for younger girls, sometimes even my age. Fab is another Smart Brands-owned thing, and it sells things for preteen girls like me, but its only difference from Gossip is that it also sells more things like body glitter and eye palettes. But they're both the same in many ways...their too-sweet flavored lip glosses, their loosely packed eyeshadows, and of course their cheap nail polishes like this one. Really, I'm only reviewing it so I can say goodbye and good riddance! 

Alright, so I admit that the star-shaped bottle is kind of cute and it does look like a pretty color, but in reality, it looks like just the tiniest tint. There are some stick-on glitters in the package with the nail polish, which I actually might of kept if they didn't slide off so easily.  The polish has a watery consistency, a tiny brush hidden inside the flimsy plastic cap (urgh) and absolutely unacceptable results. After gunking on around six layers, it finally showed up...barely. See what I mean in the swatch below? Please excuse my tiny nails...bad biting habit. Sorry, Gossip, but you guys could do a bit better. Who knows, maybe I'll be more positive next time?

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