Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jane Liquid Lip Colors

                Jane, a rarely-selling beauty brand, has created a nice treat for all lip gloss lovers...their glimmering, pigmented Liquid Lip Colors. With glamorous shades and intense shine, these would make an awesome addition to anyone's collection...but they're really hard to find. Oh well. Check it out!

Look at those lovely shades! That shimmer, that shine! Oh, these glosses are a must...but let's get to the actual, uh, post! Just so you know, from left to right in both pics are shades Honey, Touchy, Champagne, Lilac, and Tangerine (click here for a specific review of this shade). Now for the review...they are nice and shiny, with really intense colors and smooth results. They are easy to apply, with gorgeous packaging and no stickiness. 

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