Saturday, January 21, 2012

Best Balms of FOREVER

                Hey guys! I just got up and spent 20 minutes looking for my Yes to Carrots lip balm before I could do this turned out to be under the pile of pillows on my bed. :D Haha!  Well, anyway, I thought you might enjoy hearing about a few lip balms I think TOTALLY outdo the rest. Here they are...

From left to right: my (very battered, much used) Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lip Color in Raspberry, my Yes to Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter, my True Shimmer Botanical Berry Chapstick, and my Nivea Kiss of Flavor Passion Fruit Tinted Lip Care. 
The Jordana balm: Shiny, sweet-scented, and a blissful pink color. Smears easily in the tube, though.
The Yes to Carrots balm: Although it doesn't seem much like a lip butter, it still has a slight scent I love, and it is probably the ultimate softening, smoothing lip balm ever.
The True Shimmer balm: Again another lovely aroma, this time packaged with gorgeous shimmer in one moisturizing stick.
The Nivea balm: Expensive and chunky, but contains a pretty tint and some nice moisture.
P.S. Swatched below are the Jordana Balm and the Nivea one, since only those would show up on my skin.

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