Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lip Jelly, Lip Gloss, and That Other Stuff


                      Hey again! Here I am with yet another lip post, this one debating the differences between those items filed beneath that category. I have selected three cosmetics; a lip jelly, a lip gloss, and something else I don't know what to call; to post about. Here they are...
 From left to right in both pix are...InColor by Jordana Lip Jelly Juicy Tints in an unamed red shade, Unforgettable Moments Lip Gloss in Luscious, and Wet 'n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Cherry Glaze. 

Now for the reviews. Lip jellies are balmier than regular gloss, and are most often flavored with just a hint of tint. Lip gloss like the Unforgettable Moments one are more pigmented and a tad creamier than others, while the Wet 'n Wild lip gloss is thinner and so lesser-pigmented that it barely shows up. More reviews later!
P.S. The lighting makes the MegaSlick look pure orange, although it is really a red-orange!

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