Monday, January 2, 2012

I Am OK with Wet 'n Wild's Baking a Cake eye kit...

            As much as I love animals, I love cool makeup, and Wet 'n Wild's Baking a Cake Eye Kit is no exception...sort of. I love all the colors swirled into the marbled shades, and the solid shimmers are cool, too. However, although the appearance is awesome, the product isn't the highest quality. The dome shape is not all eyeshadow (most of the shape is plastic), and if you wet the shadow to intensify it, it crumples and makes a mess, not to mention you lose half the product. The colors hardly blend, and although they look quite pigmented, they are actually a pain to try and see. 

So yes, they are cool enough to spend your money on, but they might not be all they seem, so try not to make the mistakes I made! Oh, and, there's nothing wrong with the eyeliner. I like the slight shimmer, although it is a bit stubborn to get a straight line out of.

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