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Mythology Crazy!

               Hello my beautiful readers, I am SO SORRY for not posting for so long!!! Busy life I guess :) But hey, a LOT has happened lately! I am having a sleepover with my friend Nat (that's her nickname, not her real one lol) and we are partners for our (fanfare sounds please!)...


Yay, I am so excited! However, my teacher knows that Nat and I are both Greek mythology freaks, so...we are doing Norse mythology instead! We got to make a list of our top ten choices of person (god, goddess, monster, etc.) and our teacher chose for us out of the list. Nat and I are Sif and Freya! Nat is Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and war (lol) and I am Sif, the goddess of grain, and the owner of the most beautiful hair ever, as well as being Thor's wife. Everyone else is doing Greek people, but two boys who are my enemies are being Norse dudes. Know how I said I was Thor's wife? Guess what. My nemesis is Thor. 

RAR!!!!! I was so mad I turned purple when I first found out!

Anyway, basically what the unit is about is we get our character, write a script with our partner, and we get to dress up as our person and preform outside with snacks!!! yay!!!!!

There is a painting of Sif. If you want to see how me and Nat's script is going so far (still waiting for corrections from our teacher Mrs. H.) click read more!

Here is our script from Googledocs, Nat's lines are pink and mine are purple. Enjoy!

Hello! My name is Freya!

And my name is Sif! Ever so pleased to meet you.

Before we start, we will tell you a little bit about Norse mythology, the mythology of  Germanic countries. First off, Sif and I come from Asgard, the land of the gods in this mythological genre.  Most of the gods there are quite pleasant...

But others aren’t.

(give each other evil eye)

(Clear throat loudly) Well, anyways, if you can’t already tell, I am the goddess of love, beauty, and war (flip hair). Some of the attributes that represent me are cats, the sneakiest, most lovable animals in the world, swords, jewelry (necklaces in particular) and roses. People describe me as the most likeable (and attractive) goddess throughout the nine realms! My beauty even caught Thor’s eye (bat eyes)! Thor is the handsome god of thunder and is the son of Odin.

Oh yeah, suuuuuuuuure. The goddess of war is the most likeable goddess, right. And guess what? My loyal Thor was smart, and he chose yours truly as his wife in the end. (Flip hair and stick chin out in ha-ha way at Freya) Oh yes, and did you notice that my hair is the most beautiful in all the nine realms? That’s one of my most known attributes, and no one can resist staring at it all day! I’d wager that every goddess wishes she had beauty and hair like mine! In fact, I’d say that it would make me even more beautiful than Freya herself...

You did not just go there (glare)!

Oops, I apologize! (sarcastic smirk). Oh yes, I am the goddess of grain, so the people appreciate me ever so much for creating their food, and some say that I am the goddess of beauty too-after all, I certainly deserve it! (bat eyelashes and smile sweetly, twisting hair around finger) ! As you know, I am the wife of Thor, the thunder god, because he chose me over that fumbling Freya.

:Enough of that boring stuff and more about me (step in front of Sif)! Besides being the most beautiful goddess in all the the 9 realms, I am also the leader of the Valkyries. The Valkyries are a group of warlike women much like the greek Amazons. They took courageous souls away from the battlefield and to my palace where they could rest in eternal peace . But now, Sif is going to tell you about her difficulties with Loki.

Oh fine, if you insist. But then again, I did have my hair replaced with an even more lovely material, and the episode does prove that Thor loves me so much! But back to the story, it all started when I had laid down to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, my glimmering golden hair was...GONE!! (sob for a second) I ran to Thor, and as always, he was there to help. He was positively ENRAGED that someone would do something so cruel to me, and he decided that vile trickster Loki was to blame! He must have snuck into my sleeping chamber and chopped it off! Oh, I hate him! (stomp foot and pout for a moment) Anyway, Thor made Loki pay me back and replace my hair. He went to a talented group of dwarves and ordered them to create new hair for me, and a few legendary weapons while they were at it, to repay Thor as well. Not only did they spin a gorgeous stream of new hair that would magically start growing from my scalp, but  Thor’s hammer, the Mjor, was also crafted as well as Odin’s spear that never missed its target! However, there’s a little bit of trouble with the growing in so I’m a brunette now-at least I’m not bald anymore! (giggle)

Yes, Yes. That is all quite interesting, but not as much as my story! It is quite tragic (pout). Here I am, innocently dozing away on my silk cushions, when suddenly, Loki comes along and steals my prized necklace, Brisingamen, right off my neck (look of disgust and surprise) ! He wanted it for his own, evil purposes. Luckily, I retrieved it soon after. From them on I became a very light sleeper.

 (push Freya out of the way and stride up in front)  Did I mention that I am a prophetess? I can see the future, and...(close eyes and think) looks like Freya is going to be having some love troubles coming up! Like the Valkyries, I am a swan maiden and can transform into that graceful animal. (sigh and twirl around)

That is the last straw! you are going down! And I have a very nice relationship thank you very much!
But I’m a prophetess. I know these things.
Whatever. We are out of time anyways.

Both: thank you for listening to our performance!

Ok, there you have it! Our script so far! Thx for reading :)


  1. Hope you're having soo much fun, and I LOVE your blog!


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