Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hard Candy World Balmination Glossy Tinted Balms

               Bonjour! As you know, I have hauled a lot of Hard Candy lately, and these balms are among the gems (I guess?) of my little collection. I had a request from the wonderful Citrine  to review these little toys, so Citrine love, here you are! Also, I want to let you know that you can ask me to review ANYTHING available internationally in drugstore in the comments. I do not review high end unless I note specifically but if you can ask me to review any drugstore and I will see if I have it!

Here is what they look like (the one shown is Fishnet). They come in cute, clear plastic packaging that is embellished with a cute design and isn't overly bulky but nor is it the sleekest balm I've ever come across. The balm has the scent of lemon cookies (mmmm!) and the stick is completely  round without any rough/sharp edges. The thing about these is that they're SO SHEER! Vampire Bite (the red one) adds a nice just-bitten (hahaha) tint to lips but Fishnet only offers a just-about invisible bubblegum pink sheen. Anyhoo, the texture is okay, it glides on and is glossy with no actual "feeling" if you know what I'm talking about. Of course, it feels nice and cool on the lips, but it doesn't have a creamy-or-stiff type of texture. These, overall, are pretty nice balms but nothing special.
 Fishnet-pure Barbie pink. 
 Vampire Bite-cool cherry that gives a sheer apple tint.
 What Vampire Bite looks like in the package.
Vampire Bite swatch.

So, Citrine there you are! ♥XOXO♥

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  1. Lol, thanks my dear (every time I heard "my dear" it sounds like someone is trying to sell me stuff on taobao, which is a Chinese eBay/'s an internet meme there already). It looks like Nivea cherry balm, which I kind of hate (since it enhance the red in my lips, in a bad, just-ate-some-animal-alive kind of way). I guess there is no need to get one...


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