Sunday, April 8, 2012

Collective Haul: Stila, Hard Candy, Smashbox, ULTA, Rimmel, E.l.f, blahblahblah

                Sup y'all! This year for Easter, instead of a candy overload *moan at thought of a stomachache* I ended up with a basket full of palettes/assorted glam "toys"-

AND THEY WERE MAINLY (by mainly, I mean the exception of two things) HIGH END!!!


Alright, enough with the happydance. Lemme show you what I got:
BTW, the majority of this junk is discontinued *whaaaaaaaaaa!* but meh. If Ebay was a person, he/she would be my hero :). But this is all you will get to sneak-peek at for now! Muah-ha-ha Im so evil.

P.S. I still got some candy *licks lips*.

P.P.S. I can't lick my lips. They always taste like lipgloss.

 Group picture...
 Some more...
 Even more! 
Oh yeah lets not forget our wallet-friendly uh, friends.

Mwah! (ok that was really cliche)
P.P.P.S. So was that.


  1. I would like to see your review on the hard candy glossy balm, they kind of remind me of revlon beyond natural lip tint, which I liked very much.

    1. oh thank you! i recently put a sneak peek comment on your blog :) i will review that next, thank you for your request!

  2. Nice haul! the stil blush looks really cute!

    1. oh thx that is the love at first blush palette :) i will review that soon if u want

  3. WOW you weren't kidding. That is quite the haul. I love Ulta and I've been wanting that Stila blush for a while now.

    1. haha no i wouldnt lie to you :) more requests for stila blush wow that makes three lol


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